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Haunted History

  We’ve all heard stories of hauntings in history , even the History Channel came out with their own series. It featured 8 episodes of some very popular topics, including the Salem witch trials, Manson murders and of Gettysburg. There were even a couple that you may not have  heard of, like Pennhurst and the […]

Friday the 13th

What makes an ordinary date on the calendar turn into one of the most feared expression someone can utter, like Friday the 13th? There are 3 Friday the 13th’s this year in the months of February, March, November and not until 2017 is there one that lands in October. Please like & share:

Hawthorne Hotel Photo

If you live in America, you’ve most certainly heard of Salem, Massachusetts and the Salem Witch trials. We learned about them in school while reading Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” and in the popular movie Hocus Pocus, which takes place in the town. The lure of Salem brings visitors from all over during the Halloween season. […]

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