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Meaning of Halloween

As an admirer and historian of Halloween, I’ve been thinking about what Halloween means to me. I spend every waking moment reading, watching and exploring Halloween and it’s rich, but confusing history. We do know one thing, most historians can not pinpoint where or when Halloween started. As for me, I have been a Halloween […]


There have been many shows about ghosts, bigfoot, UFOs and the paranormal. One of the very first shows to kick off the craze was Ripleys Believe It or Not in 1949, but it wasn’t till the 1990’s, that shows of all kind starting popping up and continue to air to this day. Please like & […]

Tavern Tour: 1

This past weekend was the start of my adventure on the Colonial Tavern Tour. My first stop was the Black Bass Hotel, located in Lumberville, Pennsylvania. Please like & share:

Colonial Tavern Tour

It’s that time of the year again! When everyone starts to venture out of their homes in search of an adventure. Recently, I’ve been reading a book called Ghosts of the Revolutionary War by Christopher E. Wolf, which contains a list of Colonial Taverns. I suddenly had a brilliant idea; I would create my own […]

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