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Vacant New Jersey Stay Curious

My recent search of the web, landed me at the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital.Sadly, it might be in danger of being demolished. I heard about this place from a friend, and I have to check it out before it is lost forever. This would be a great place to convert into a haunted house or some […]

Haunt Weekend Kickoff

Each year, the last weekend of September marks the opening of certain but not all haunted house attractions. No matter the haunt size or production level, each brings its own scare factor that sets the mood for the season. On a side note, any review or opinion that I may have on any of these […]

Spy House Part: 2

Located in Port Monmouth, NJ, the Spy House is the most haunted house along the Jersey Shore…or is it? It was built around 1663 and is considered to be haunted simply because of its physical age and colorful history alone. It’s spanned three centuries, with plenty of changes to the surrounding area, along with its […]

Jersey Devil

New Jersey has a very rich and dynamic history, from being the place where George Washington spent one third of the American Revolution, to being the 3rd state to ratify the Constitution, or even being the most populated state in the country. Even with all of that, there is still one more piece of history […]

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