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Friday the 13th

What makes an ordinary date on the calendar turn into one of the most feared expression someone can utter, like Friday the 13th? There are 3 Friday the 13th’s this year in the months of February, March, November and not until 2017 is there one that lands in October. Please like & share:

Barry Road Manor

Recently been going through my list of haunted attractions that I still need to post on the Map, for everyone to check out for this upcoming October. I came across one called Barry Road Manor Haunt. It is a free haunt, which I love hearing about because it means they aren’t just doing it for […]

Patrick Elliott Artwork & Oddities

I love searching websites for things related to Halloween and the Fall.  Seeing peoples passion similar to mine. When I came across Patrick and his work, I had to talk to him. Curiosity always gets me trying to figure out what makes people start certain businesses or hobbies involving a Halloween theme. Please like & […]

Jekyll & Hyde

It was the season of giving, family and friends, and what better way to spend it than with family in the greatest city in the world. One of the main stops, of course, was the most famous Christmas tree, but I just had to take the opportunity, to stop for dinner at a very unique […]

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