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Pg-13 vs R

Recently there has been an abundance of remakes, reboots and found footage movies, with ratings that do not match their predecessor. In the last 15 years, I feel movies lack a certain something, not just because I am into violence, blood and guts or cursing, which I do not find to be offensive, but because […]

Horror Times

The length of movies continues to keep getting longer and longer, but most horror movies are right around a certain time frame. I posed a theory on episode #06 with Rob, but we only scratched the surface of this theory on horror movie times, I also posed the question to the Real Horror Queen herself […]

Saturday Nightmares

If you are a Halloween fan and haven’t been to any conventions, I feel sorry for you. There are plenty of conventions around the United States each month, ranging from horror, film fest, tattoo and horror, haunters conventions and more. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to check out Saturday Nightmares. It was held at The […]

Worship 13 Jewelry

Ever wish you could keep your favorite Halloween or horror character close to your heart? Well, you can, by wearing one of Beverly’s, of Worship13, custom made necklaces. Beverly is the owner/founder and has a love for Halloween and all things creepy! Besides necklaces, Beverly makes rings and earrings. She is located in Oxnard, California, […]

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