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Haunted History

  We’ve all heard stories of hauntings in history , even the History Channel came out with their own series. It featured 8 episodes of some very popular topics, including the Salem witch trials, Manson murders and of Gettysburg. There were even a couple that you may not have  heard of, like Pennhurst and the […]

Meaning of Halloween

As an admirer and historian of Halloween, I’ve been thinking about what Halloween means to me. I spend every waking moment reading, watching and exploring Halloween and it’s rich, but confusing history. We do know one thing, most historians can not pinpoint where or when Halloween started. As for me, I have been a Halloween […]

Sleepy Hollow- Irvin’s Legend

Recently I visited Sleepy Hollow New York to check out their local Horseman’s Hollow and Irvin’s Legend , which was performed by Jonathan Kruk. I have to say for such a small town it had plenty of history and was surely deck out in Halloween decor all over. Please like & share:

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