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Barry Road Manor

Recently been going through my list of haunted attractions that I still need to post on the Map, for everyone to check out for this upcoming October. I came across one called Barry Road Manor Haunt. It is a free haunt, which I love hearing about because it means they aren’t just doing it for […]

Haunt on the Hill “Paper Mache”

Recently I found these Paper Mache Pumpkins on the internet and thought they were the coolest looking things.  I did some research and saw a bunch of people making them, which I myself want to try.  I found some that I really love and wanted to contact the person that made them. I found Cathy […]

Night of Impending Doom

  I had a chance to chat with my friend Jasyn, who owns & operates “Night of Impending Doom.” Night of Impending Doom is a free Haunted house experience that is provided for all ages and all walks of the afterlife! Even though it is free they do accept donations, which help keep their haunt […]

Haunt Weekend Kickoff

Each year, the last weekend of September marks the opening of certain but not all haunted house attractions. No matter the haunt size or production level, each brings its own scare factor that sets the mood for the season. On a side note, any review or opinion that I may have on any of these […]

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