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Trick or Treat in America

The phrase  “Trick or Treat” is synonymous with Halloween and the act of  Trick-or-treating is something I and many Americans were brought up on. It is customary for children on Halloween to dress in costumes traveling from house to house in order to ask for “treats” such as candy or other small gifts, saying the […]

Meaning of Halloween

As an admirer and historian of Halloween, I’ve been thinking about what Halloween means to me. I spend every waking moment reading, watching and exploring Halloween and it’s rich, but confusing history. We do know one thing, most historians can not pinpoint where or when Halloween started. As for me, I have been a Halloween […]

Mütter Museum

There is a museum in center city, Philadelphia, that is filled with bizarre and human remains. A place you only seem to read about, but still can’t believe when you see it for your own eyes. Below is a little snip-it of history I have found online and from talking with one of the  museum’s curators. […]

Saturday Nightmares

If you are a Halloween fan and haven’t been to any conventions, I feel sorry for you. There are plenty of conventions around the United States each month, ranging from horror, film fest, tattoo and horror, haunters conventions and more. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to check out Saturday Nightmares. It was held at The […]

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