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Patrick Elliott Artwork & Oddities

I love searching websites for things related to Halloween and the Fall.  Seeing peoples passion similar to mine. When I came across Patrick and his work, I had to talk to him. Curiosity always gets me trying to figure out what makes people start certain businesses or hobbies involving a Halloween theme. Please like & […]

Drachenfang The Pumpkin Artist

Since I have been searching the internet, with my paper mache pumpkin craze, I came across this YouTube channel call Drachenfang. Watching all the videos on the channel, I thought it would be cool to chat with him for a bit.  I Wanted to get some insight on him and his art. Here is a […]

Haunt on the Hill “Paper Mache”

Recently I found these Paper Mache Pumpkins on the internet and thought they were the coolest looking things.  I did some research and saw a bunch of people making them, which I myself want to try.  I found some that I really love and wanted to contact the person that made them. I found Cathy […]

Propane Jack-O-Lanterns

Do you have any household items that you don’t use anymore? Would you like to reuse that something and turn it into an amazing piece of art? Well here is a crafty idea where you can turn some old propane tanks into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Just think of a theme, any spooky face or scene […]

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