Welcome to a podcast of spooky, mysterious topics related to the Supernatural, Paranormal & Halloween.



Halloween Stores: Clothing/Costumes & Masks:

Halloween Town Store – All your Halloween needs, from costumes to shirts to gifts.

Composite Effects – Looking for a seriously scary mask for Halloween, pricey but great quality.

FX Warehouse Inc – For the serious makeup artist.

Halloween Asylum – Every mask, costume, and prop. Great place and I love this site.

Haunt Force – Special effects and check out brutal rust.

Keen Design – One stop shop for themed attraction products.

Fright Catalog -Anything you want to buy for Halloween or your party.

Horrific FX – Great make up artist and products for all your needs.

Fright Rags – Cheap and awesome clothing for everything horror.

Trick or Treat Studios – Killer Masks and so much more.

Cavity Colors–  Amazing art work put on a t-shirts.

Buy Costumes -Largest place to get costumes for adults and kids.

Halloween Club -Impressive collection of Halloween costumes, accessories & decorations.


Prop Stores:

Poison Props & Animatronics – All your prop needs for a great price.

HauntedProps – All your home haunt needs.

Fright Props -For all your haunted attraction props and every accessories.

Juneau Studios– Props and much more.

Pumpkin Pulp– Some serious props for all the haunted house attractions.

Nevermore Productions-  Animation/Set design company. 7 years of professional experience.

Tombstone Factory – The dream in Halloween and products made in USA.




All Things Pumpkins:

Zombie Pumpkins – Tons of designs and patterns for your carving pumpkin needs.

Pumpkin Masters – Carving kits and designs for carving great pumpkins.

Almanac for Pumpkins – Want to learn how to grow pumpkins, this is a good place to learn.

All About Pumpkins- All you need or want to know about pumpkins and growing them.

Orange and Black Pumpkins – Free pumpkin patterns for all your carving needs.

Monster Jack- Taking Jack-O-Lanterns to the next level.

The Singing Pumpkin- Listen to your favorite tunes from a pumpkin.


Home Haunters:

How To Haunt Your House – All your home haunting needs and great how to books.

Haunting 101 – Need help or info on home haunts, check out this site.

Terror Syndicate Productions – For handbooks on props to home haunts.


Design/Production Sites:

Rigor Mortis Haunt Design Consulting -50 Year’s collective experience in the haunted attraction arena.

The Village of Darkness – Web Design/Banners/Flyers/Brochures. All kinds of design work.

Halloween Industry Association – Starting a Halloween company? Check this site out.

Haunt Design Kit– Thinking of designing your own haunted house, talk to these people first.



Zombie Fans– Everything you want about zombies and more.

Zombie Army Productions – All zombie needs. Making your zombie party/event/show a hit.

From Art to Zombies- Love zombies and art, check out this site.


Creepy Places/Abandoned:

Abandoned NYC– Awesome site and photos of places in NYC that are all abandoned.

Haunted USA- Everything from coast to coast on Ghosts.

Modern Ruins- Creepy photography of places that no longer have inhabitants.


Ween Dream-  national nonprofit organization provides free Halloween costumes to children in need.


Other Halloween Sites:

Michael-Myers.net – Everything about the Halloween star Michael Myers.

Haunt Pay – Haunters tickets and payment solutions to help increase your sales.

Bloody Disgusting– For everything movies/music,comics and more.

Tavern of Terror– New spin on news of everything horror and Halloween related.

Boo York– All things Halloween from NYC.

Paranormal Books & Curiosities- Every book you can want and paranormal museum.

Horror Decor– Horror made for your house.

Salem Haunted Happenings -Salem, MA Great during the Halloween season. Book ahead.


Other Sites:

Matty Beckerman- Interested in Aliens, check this out.

Bigfoot Evidence – 24/7 Bigfoot Blogspot.

Garden State Ghost Hunters- Investigating ghost and beyond.

MUFON– All things UFO’s.

Chuck’s Paranormal Adventures– Great information and evidence on the Paranormal.

Benjamin Franklinstein– 3 books on the tales of history with Ben Franklinstein.

 Filmgarb– For an ever expanding catalog of cool clothes from your favorite films and shows.


Web/Graphic Designers: