Welcome to a podcast of spooky, mysterious topics related to the Supernatural, Paranormal & Halloween.

#57-Spooky Things

Chris Raimo is an illustrator of all things spooky, morbid, and weird. Visit his website and social media pages.


Thursday, July 20 at 6:30pm eastern time, tune into the podcast to win signed prints of Spooky Things.

I sit down with Chris Raimo artist behind spooky things on this podcast, to talk all things spooky and more.

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Nightmare365 Podcast Studio


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#56-Psychic Medium

Psychic medium William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism.  His latest book is Under Spiritual Siege: How Ghosts and Demons Affect Us and How to Combat Them, about spiritual warfare with negative energies.  To find out more about him, visit his website and facebook page below.