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Drachenfang The Pumpkin Artist

Since I have been searching the internet, with my paper mache pumpkin craze, I came across this YouTube channel call Drachenfang. Watching all the videos on the channel, I thought it would be cool to chat with him for a bit.  I Wanted to get some insight on him and his art. Here is a […]

Haunt on the Hill “Paper Mache”

Recently I found these Paper Mache Pumpkins on the internet and thought they were the coolest looking things.  I did some research and saw a bunch of people making them, which I myself want to try.  I found some that I really love and wanted to contact the person that made them. I found Cathy […]

Night of Impending Doom

  I had a chance to chat with my friend Jasyn, who owns & operates “Night of Impending Doom.” Night of Impending Doom is a free Haunted house experience that is provided for all ages and all walks of the afterlife! Even though it is free they do accept donations, which help keep their haunt […]

I Skull Halloween

I had the opportunity to meet Lesley Bannatyne as she gave a lecture at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, in Brooklyn, New York. She has written five books on the subject of Halloween, ranging from a children’s book, Witches Night Before Halloween, to her latest book, Halloween Nation, which examines the holiday through the eyes of […]

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