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Mütter Museum

There is a museum in center city, Philadelphia, that is filled with bizarre and human remains. A place you only seem to read about, but still can’t believe when you see it for your own eyes. Below is a little snip-it of history I have found online and from talking with one of the  museum’s curators. There is so much that goes into what seems like a open grave of body parts in this museum which anyone can check out.

The Mütter Museum is a museum of the College of Physicians in Philadelphia. It began as a donation in the 1800’s, from American surgeon Doctor Thomas Dent Mütter.  He was determined to improve and reform medical education and by accepting his donation, the College had to hire a curator to maintain the collection. The first building was built in 1863, but relocated to its current home in 1909. Since Dr. Mütter’s donation, the Museum collection has grown to include more than 25,000 objects. Definitely visit the MütterMuseum,org for more insight.

This place is beyond wild and creepy, you can learn some far out facts, even some things you may not want to know about the human body and death. An interesting fact that I learned, while observing the wall of skulls, was about a man who tried to kill himself by cutting his own throat, but failed because he tilted his head back. This made his trachea became hard as a rock and difficult to cut through with just a knife. The correct way would have  been to tilt his head forward. This certainly was a  fun yet morbid fact to learn.

The museum displays and preserves collections of anatomical specimens as well as help the public understand the mysteries and beauty of the human body and treatment of disease. If you are into  these things, you’ll love visiting this museum. It is not your typical museum of old artifacts. Its filled with once living and breathing human beings that are now on display for us to study. Some of the features of the collection are:

Soap Lady
• Dr. Joseph Hyrtl’s human skull collection
• Plaster cast and conjoined liver of “Siamese twins” Chang & Eng
• Specimen from John Wilkes Booth’s vertebra
• Jaw tumor of President Grover Cleveland
• Rotating exhibits of photographic art and illustrations
• Tallest skeleton on display in North America
Einstein’s brain- cool article by the smithsonian 

Some additional facts I learned about this bizarre museum, was from the curator whom I spoke to at the end of my tour. First, the museum is a popular date spot! It is one of the top 50 wedding venues in the country. Second, the museum houses Einstein’s brain, which is on display (cool article above about the brain). Third, there are  hundreds of brain slices that are not on display in the museum; and lastly they have plenty of Fall events, including their annual  Day of the Dead event on October 31, for a Happy Halloween. Make sure to visit this unique museum the next time your in Philly and be sure to invite me for a deadly good time.

Video art skull made of brains.


Some photos from the museum they allowed me to post, since you not allowed to take photography inside.The only one of mine is the featured photo, I took outside the main entrance.


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