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Saturday Nightmares

If you are a Halloween fan and haven’t been to any conventions, I feel sorry for you. There are plenty of conventions around the United States each month, ranging from horror, film fest, tattoo and horror, haunters conventions and more. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to check out Saturday Nightmares. It was held at The Landmark Lowes Theatre in Jersey City, NJ which is of the last Wonder Place theaters in the nation and the largest single theatre in New Jersey. The theatre features marble columns, rich red tapestries, 3,100 seat theatre auditorium and a second level balcony overlooking the grand lobby. It was an amazing backdrop for this horror event, which featured a showing of Dawn of the Dead, along with some cast members on hand.

I have been to countless conventions, from meet and greets to vendor shows and movie screenings. I love making the connections with not only vendors and other horror fans, but it gives me a glimpse into what makes this genre unique and special. This convention is a good example of this, because yes it is a horror convention featuring a fan favorite movie, in Dawn of the Dead, but it’s also gives an inside look into people who are very creative.

At Saturday Nightmares,  I’ve met people who make horror movie art work, Halloween masks and props, and two guys who created a zombie card game. Be on the look out for updates on Nightmare365, under the “In the know” section, for the guys who created the zombie card game. They will be on the podcast.

This is a smaller convention, but the names and products they have make it worth the trip. The creators of the convention are out on the floor and you have a chance to chat with them, which you don’t see often.

Everyone takes something away from every experience and going to conventions gives me an opportunity to connect to people I might not get a chance to otherwise. I encourage everyone if you have never been to a convention, check one out!  You could meet some amazing people or find a new take on something we all love, which I constantly do and find new ways to expand and improve Nightmare365.com.

Make sure to find a convention near you at Nightmare365.com on the menu, under “convention” page and if you know of one that isn’t listed please contact me, I will gladly add it. Tweet me your convention fun @Nightmare365com


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