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Worship 13 Jewelry

Ever wish you could keep your favorite Halloween or horror character close to your heart? Well, you can, by wearing one of Beverly’s, of Worship13, custom made necklaces. Beverly is the owner/founder and has a love for Halloween and all things creepy! Besides necklaces, Beverly makes rings and earrings. She is located in Oxnard, California, but ships around the world. I personally wear two bracelets that remind me of Halloween, one of all skulls and the other just black and orange. After seeing Beverly’s collection, I am in the market to purchase some amazing custom pieces. Enjoy my chat with her and be sure to click on the link below to browse her unique collection of jewelry.

1. What made you want to start this website?

Well before worship13 was born, I’ve always been creative and liked making my own things. I would always search online for some cool horror/Halloween themed jewelry but could never find what I’m looking for or anything im interested in. So I definitely got the idea to just create it myself!

2. How did you come up with the name? I like it.

When I thought about opening a shop after making a few pieces for myself I knew I wanted it to have a catchy name with a 13 in it . Kind of similar to ” Friday the 13th ” for its known “creepy, unlucky” meaning behind it . To me , 13 has always been a lucky number for me . So “worship13” came to mind and I really digged it. As you can see , the 13 definitely gave me luck! I have the most wicked horror jewelry shop on the Internet! I mean in just almost two years I’ve been very blessed with support and love . My customers are awesome . Making this shop has honestly been the greatest thing I’ve ever really done for myself personally and other people seem to dig my work as well. With almost 5000 purchases in almost two years I’d say that’s pretty darn awesome for a small business!

3. Are these all hand crafted by you?

ALL my jewelry is hand made by me . There’s nothing I have that isn’t. It’s definitely time consuming but all worth it when your customers are happy!

4. You take requests it says on your site. Do people ask for anything bizarre that you have to say no?

Nothing ever to bizarre for me but I definitely get a lot of customers that try and have me make another artists artwork into jewelry and such. Which I will not do without permission from them. Other then that I don’t think I’ve gotten anything TOO weird from a customer.

5. Do you have any piece of jewelry you always love making?

The jewelry I most enjoy making would definitely have to be the mood rings! I love when they change colors while I make them. My customers seem to get a very big hit at them! They always sell out in minutes!!

6. The about you on your site says you love Halloween, what is it about Halloween that you love?

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday ever since I was little! I’ve been the black sheep in my family for all my 21 years of living. & I definitely get creepier by the minute! Bats , pumpkins , scary stuff. It’s all so intriguing to me! It’s Halloween all year long for me . I mean my home is even decorated with the creepiest stuff!

7. What is the most popular item you sell?

Like I said in my last answer , my mood rings are very very popular those go so fast! I always have to double my stock and they STILL sell out super fast! Other than those my large horror rings are always a hit!

8. What is your favorite scary movie and do you have a favorite Halloween costume?

My favorite “scary” movie is American psycho. I don’t think the movie is scary but Patrick Bateman is a babe and is definitely my favorite killer!  Out of all my favorite Halloween costumes through the years , it would be the bride of Frankenstein. My hair is already dark as night that when I put in white hair for my costume I felt creepy gorgeous just like her!!



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