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Barry Road Manor

Recently been going through my list of haunted attractions that I still need to post on the Map, for everyone to check out for this upcoming October. I came across one called Barry Road Manor Haunt. It is a free haunt, which I love hearing about because it means they aren’t just doing it for the money, but doing it for the passion of scaring the crap out of people. It was cool to chat with Aidan, hope you Enjoy!

1. You seem to do a lot with Project Scare Productions & Barry Road Manor Haunt, where do you find time and how to did you become involved?

Project Scare Productions has a long, complicated history. Before I started producing props and events for Haunted Attractions under the name Project Scare Productions, it was only a name on YouTube under which I posted some videos of my first props, back in probably 2011. I showed some of these to the Stage Crew at my High School, and they invited me to help run their Haunted House in October of 2012. It was an Amateur production in many ways, but I realized my passion there and pursued it.
I met some local Haunt owners who had come through the school’s haunt, and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of my homemade props (at the time, they were corpsed skeletons and skulls, gore props, your typical Haunt props) and commissioned me to produce some custom props for their haunts, again being happy with the end result.
I was contacted by a local charity-run Nature Preserve soon after, who were looking to expand their family-friendly “Spook-tacular” event to include a walk-through Haunted Attraction for the Teens who often found themselves bored at the event. I produced the “Project Scare Scream Park”, a Two-Attraction experience that took up an entire wooded trail and field, and consisted of a sensory overload maze and a long chainsaw-filled romp through the woods. The attraction employed more than 30 volunteer actors,  pneumatics, air cannons, and lots of custom props. We put about 1,000 patrons through over a 2 night run, and received nothing but rave reviews. Unfortunately, the Nature Center had to drop its Halloween event altogether after the 2013 season, and I concentrated more on producing custom props in 2014.

I’ve known David from BRM since I met him on Youtube in 2012, and was always impressed with his Home Haunt, so when he asked me if I’d like to help out, I didn’t even need to think about my answer.

2. What made you so into Halloween and Haunts?

It’s been a lifelong passion. Some of my earliest memories include my Grandparents bringing me through a “Spooky Maze” at a Garden Center, and I absolutely loved it. I’d always convince my parents to cover my house in spiderwebs for Halloween, so it makes sense that Haunting would become a hobby.

3. The Barry Road Manor Haunt is free, which is awesome. How many people work on the haunt, do you take donations or just run on the money it makes during Halloween?

David and I both construct it on weekends throughout October. We usually receive enough donations to fund most of the next year’s Haunt.

4. The Haunt changes every year, any hints what this years theme will be?

We’re keeping it under wraps for a bit. However, I will tell you that it preys on the fear of the unknown, and is a big change from 2014’s theme, “The Asylum.”

5. What scares you most in haunts and do you visit any or you to busy with Barry Road Manor?

I honestly don’t get scared much anymore. However, occasionally a well placed Air Cannon makes me jump, haha. David and I try to space out our “Build Days” so we have time left over to support our local Haunts.

6. Project Scare Productions does a lot for Haunts in the Long Island, NY area, any chance they branch to other areas?

It’s a possibility, I’d definitely like to branch out. But in the meantime I’m happy with it remaining a small prop shop.

7. What are some upcoming events Project Scare has that people could check out?

We do have some events in the works, but Barry Road Manor is the only  one that’s set in stone at the moment.

8. Do you have favorite props or custom effects for Haunts and others that Project Scare make?

A year or two ago, I actually made a prop for a local Orthodontist that I consider to be a precursor to our “Standing Sam the Skeleton” prop. Instead of being a corpsed skeleton, he was a more cartoony figure that sat on a sign that said “brush your teeth so you won’t end up like me!” and held a toothbrush in his hand. It was a nice change from the gory work we usually do.

9. Lastly I always have to end it with, What is your favorite scary movie and do you have a favorite Halloween costume from your past?

I would always go as the Wolfman or Frankenstein for Halloween.

I don’t have a favorite Horror Movie persay, but one of the most terrifying movies in my collection is David Lynch’s masterpiece “Eraserhead.” While it’s more of an Art Film than a horror movie, the whole thing has an uncomfortable feeling throughout, and the insanely graphic ending gets me every time.


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