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Patrick Elliott Artwork & Oddities

I love searching websites for things related to Halloween and the Fall.  Seeing peoples passion similar to mine. When I came across Patrick and his work, I had to talk to him. Curiosity always gets me trying to figure out what makes people start certain businesses or hobbies involving a Halloween theme. I hope you enjoy, what Patrick has to say in this interview about his art! I was trying to pick a favorite piece of art, but they are all unique. I do really like “the couple” skull box and Sam from trick r treat.

First of all let me say this: I have no formal training. I was introduced to art as a young child. My Grandfather did wood pieces that my Mother and Aunt would paint and take to craft shows. I would usually take the scraps and make my own weird little things.  Sometime around middle school I was introduced to polymer clay by my Aunt and Uncle who where making amazing little sculptures.  In High School I moved more into theatre, but having fun making things helped in prop making. I slowly got back into using polymer clay for accessories for cosplay at ComicCons.  In 2013 I started making Art Dolls.  In 2014 I started this site.

Eagle Scout
Third Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
Associate Degree in Special Requirement
Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
-Minor in Archaeology
Doctor of Divinity
Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church
Award Winning Cosplayer
Two Time Best Supporting Actor (In…uh…High School)
What I Make
Art Dolls
Wall Hangings
Repurposed Religious Icons
Repurposed NonReligious Figures
Horrible Puns
Random Stuff the Tickles my Fancy
Art Around Me
Currently my Mother makes awesome jewelry, art dolls, and gourd work. She has also been known to help with my cosplay (a lot). She is a really good person to bounce ideas off of.
My Wife makes jewelry and works with costuming. She sewed/hand painted the details an Anna (from Frozen) cosplay for Phoenix Comicon 2014. She also puts up with me.


1. What made you want to do these Art Dolls & Art Boxes?

My Horror Icon Art Dolls started with making Leatherface’s head. Mainly because I wanted to see if I could. I liked it so much that I decided to make the rest of him. And the idea to see what other creatures I could make was born.  I hadn’t seen Art Dolls like this with this subject matter.  Honestly, I do the Art Boxes kind of because I had forgotten how much fun dioramas are to make. Once I made one I really wanted to make more.

2. How long does it take to create your Dolls/Boxes?

Once I figure out what character I’m going to do and find reference photos the Art Dolls usually take two to three days to complete.  Nowadays I sculpt and bake the body first so I can make the head and limbs to proportion. At first I was making the heads first but they started getting bigger and bigger so I really need to scale back. For some of the dolls I actually have a few heads that got baked and painted and then never used. They just didn’t look right. After everything is baked I hand paint the dolls and assemble them. The boxes can take anywhere from a day to “I’m still not quite finished with this one.”

3. Is there a character you want to create, but too challenging ?

Right now there are characters that I really want to make, but polymer clay clothing wouldn’t do them justice.  My Pinhead doll I had a really hard time working out until I talked to a few people and they helped me with the logistics of his skirt. That was a simple sew job. The ones I really want to do would take making actual doll clothing. Ghost Face from The Scream franchise and Jigsaw from The Saw franchise would both take robes. Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist and Sadako from The Ring would both need dress/nightgowns.

4. Which Doll is your favorite and why?

I like a little bit of each of them. Of course I’m supposed to say that. When I made the Pennywise doll head I sent a text to my wife that said “I think it it might be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever made. I don’t know whether to cook it and paint it. Or smash it and never speak of it again.” I’m pretty glad I went through and made it.

5. Where do you get your inspiration for your boxes?

The Art boxes themselves are a style I learned at a local convention called Art Unraveled in a class taught by Thomas Ashman.  As for the content of the art boxes I draw inspiration from three sources.  One is definitely the traditional Dia De Los Muertos styling.   Growing up in the Southwest you would see this art a lot. As a kid I liked the dioramas of well dressed skeletons acting out daily routines with loved ones.  The second is creatures of folklore and mythology. Right now I only have a well dressed Cthulhu and Slenderman in this category, but I definitely have some more ideas for those.  The third is Memento Mori and the Dutch art of the 1600’s. It’s a little odd, but I saw an exhibit in 2007 at the Phoenix Art Museum that really stuck with me.

6. Would you say Halloween inspired you to start this endeavor?

I was actually encouraged to do this when I placed two items in the Arizona State Fair and found that people actually liked what I made. The timing of making the website and my Facebook page was a really happy coincidence (I did hold off a bit on launching them to make sure that they went live on Halloween).  I would say that my works are more made in the spirit of Halloween and having anything to do with the day. Except for my Michael Myers Art Doll. He was directly inspired by Halloween.

7. What is your favorite scary movie?

Honestly, this is a really hard question for me. After much thought and deliberation I finally narrowed it down to three… The Shining, even though I really like the book, the movie is whole different kind of beast. The imagery and weirdness of it all really stuck with me.  The Silence of the Lambs, when I first saw an advertising standee for this movie as a kid at our local vhs rental store, the death’s head moth fascinated me. When I finally got to see the movie Lecter and Gunn were truly terrifying. Shaun of the Dead,  I enjoyed this “ZomRomCom” so much that I have cosplayed as Shaun for eight years at both San Diego Comic Con and Phoenix Comicon. Even winning an award in Phoenix.

8. Do you have a favorite Halloween costume from your past?

Halloween costumes have gotten harder for me since I try not to reuse characters I’ve done from cosplaying at conventions. Those are so prop heavy that I find I try to go a bit lighter on Halloween.  This last year I did a fun couple’s costume with my wife. She was Tyler Durden and I was The Narrator from Fight Club. I still made a prop bar of soap for her to carry around. I can’t help it.

Hope you enjoy this and to find more of Patrick and his Art, Visit his: Website & Facebook


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